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DupliTrade is a software company founded in 2017, based in London and operated by the D.T. Direct Investment Hub Ltd.

DupliTrade is a software company with 11 to 50 employees, an increasing number of affiliated brokers and a copy trading platform that is becoming well known in the broker industry.

DupliTrade has already partnered with several brokers, especially AvaTrade, FXDD, MEXGroup, VantageFX, Moneta Markets and others.

DupliTrade provides these securities companies with a fully automated trading system that utilizes a highly automated execution mirror system that allows traders to automate trading on the Forex, Index, Commodity, and Cryptocurrency markets.

DupliTrade hasn’t won many awards since it started offering automated trading softwares in 2017, but it is a very promising company that provide the advantageous and robust automated trading system with brokers and traders.

DupliTrade software is available to traders and brokers around the world and supports nine languages including English, Arabic, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Italian and more.

DupliTrade exposes about 10 signal providers that DupliTrade itself has strictly assessed and selected, allowing investors to copy from these strategies for free and get a profit.

The vision of DupliTrade is to become the leading automated trading platform by simplifying the trading world in order for clients to find professional traders or proven strategy providers easily.

The aim of DupliTrade is to provide the experience of a professional trader with everyone.

Trading is a difficult area that requires expertise and we need to invest a significant amount of time and energy to obtain expertise, but some people are already aware of market movements and obtain profits.

DupliTrade gives all clients the opportunity to follow and learn from professional traders, so clients can start trading like a professional traders from the beginning.

To achieve such aims, DupliTrade offers an advanced copy trading system. This allows clients to automate to trade assets such as forex, stock indices, commodities, cryptocurrencies by copying the trading of traders, what is called strategy providers, carefully selected by DupliTrade.

All DupliTrade strategies are available free of charge. It is also very popular in the world.

To open a free account and start investing with DupliTrade, please visit the page from the button below.

Pros Cons
・Easy to use thanks to adopting minimal simple interface
・Carefully selected strategy providers
・Excellent support for multiple languages
・Minimum deposit $5,000


Here is Registration of DupliTrade for Free



License owned by Duplitrade

DupliTrade is operated by DT Direct Investment Hub Ltd. The official address is as follows:

74 Archiepiskopou Makariou C’, Amaranton Court, 2nd Floor, Mesa Geitonia, Limassol

DupliTrade is Cyprus Investment Companies (CIF) licensed and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) with license number 347/17.

The license is as follows.


Here is Registration of DupliTrade for Free


FAQ about Duplitrade

What is DupliTrade?

DupliTrade is a software company founded to provide the best possible automated trading solutions. DupliTrade offers clients a simple and innovative system to automate trading in any financial market.

DupliTrade bridges the gap between inexperienced beginner traders and experienced professional traders.

DupliTrade’s unique solution allows us to copy the exact trades of a professional trader who trades with our own money in a real trading account.

Is DupliTrade a brokerage?

No, DupliTrade is a software company offering technical solutions for automated trading, not a broker offering financial assets or derivatives. In order to use the platform provided by DupliTrade, we need to set up a trading account with a regulated broker partner.

The recommended brokerages are AvaTrade, FXDD, VantageFX, and Moneta Markets.

Do we need to install DupliTrade?

The DupliTrade platform is based on the web browser, so we don’t have to install any programs or download files to use it, and we never have the inconvenience of being unavailable by our operating system such as Windows, MacOS and Linux.

How can we contact the DupliTrade support team?

Please send an e-mail to “support @ duplitrade.com”.

How to get the password

If we need to get a password for the DupliTrade website, please contact DupliTrade support team.

If you need to get a password for your own MT4 account, please contact broker you use. As far as your account is linked to DupliTrade’s platform, be sure to notify DupliTrade support team in advance in case you change your MT4 password.

How to set up a live trading account with Duplitrade


    • Register with Duplitrade to link your existing broker’s MT4 trading account or choose your preferred broker from the list of available brokers in your country.


  • Once you open your broker’s MT4 trading real account, please deposit your funds.

The minimum initial deposit for live MT4 accounts linked to DupliTrade is $5,000 or the equivalent fiat currency. You will be automatically disconnected from the trading system when it falls below $5,000 or equivalent fiat currency.

I have one account with a broker, can I use it with DupliTrade?

The broker you use must be a DupliTrade partner. Most brokers make you open a different real account and you need to link it with DupliTrade. Contact the broker you use for more details.

Where can I check the trading activity of my live MT4 account?

All trading activity of the linked MT4 live accounts will automatically be displayed on the DupliTrade website or the MT4 terminal of the broker used by the client.

I use a broker that is not a partner with DupliTrade. Can I use DupliTrade?

No. You need to open a live trading account for MT4 of a broker that is affiliated with DupliTrade.

The recommended brokerages are AvaTrade, FXDD, VantageFX, and Moneta Markets.

Can I open an account in other basic currencies except US dollars?

Yes. You can become a partner with DupliTrade by using a currency account provided by the broker you use.

Can I trade manually?

Of course, yes. You can trade manually. Through the broker’s MT4 terminal/app, you can manually open new trades and close/change the positions of your strategy providers at any time.

Is the client’s money kept safe?

DupliTrade is a copy trading platform that helps automate trading. DupliTrade cannot manage your funds that you deposit directly into your account of one of partner brokers of DupliTrade.

The recommended brokerages are AvaTrade, FXDD, VantageFX, and Moneta Markets.

The 4 brokers mentioned above completely segregate client’s money in Tier 1 banks, so NEITHER brokers NOR DupliTrade can use client’s money for any reason or method.

Can I withdraw all the money at any time without limits?

Yes. You can withdraw all the money at any time. You can make as many partial withdrawals as you need by ordering directly from broker you use. You can also fully withdraw all assets in your individual broker’s MT4 account.

How to disconnect from an active trading system?

You can disconnect at any time from the DupliTrade settings page. If you deselect a strategy, no new trades will be executed, but outstanding transactions are still processed by the strategy provider.

Clients with a real account have the option to manually overwrite the trade via the MT4 platform.

What is the strategy of DupliTrade?

DupliTrade’s strategy providers are professional traders with many years of experience, and all of them trade with real MT4 accounts and real money. These pro traders have been carefully selected as a result of a lengthy evaluation process by the DupliTrade team.

Users can view real-time positions and get updates of e-mail, weekly reports, and enhanced trading analysis. You can create your own bespoke portfolio based on DupliTrade’s choice of strategy providers and automatically copy tradings directly to your MT4 account using your chosen broker.

The account of the strategy provider is a real account. All strategy providers have real trading with their own money. If the strategy provider you copied makes money on the trade, you also make money, and if the strategy provider you copied makes money on the trade, you also make a loss.

Are the trading activities that clients see on the website “live”?

Yes, it’s completely live. Real tradings are displayed in real time toward all active users. State-of-the-art technology allows you to recreate the experts applying trading strategies to different assets.

After trying out the free demo, you can set up your own settings and fully automate your trading portfolio with a real MT4 account.

Can I automate trades based on trades by pro traders? Can I control the transaction manually?

Of course. Changes in executions and transactions are automatically reflected in the client’s account without client intervention. You can also be in charge of trading at any time and manually change or close outstanding transactions in your account using the MT4 platform.

Here is Registration of DupliTrade for Free


How does DupliTrade work?

DupliTrade offers you a simple yet innovative way to automate your trading by copying expert traders’ activity according to your selected duplication setup.


Here is Registration of DupliTrade for Free


How to audit strategy providers

DupliTrade has been approached by hundreds of trader candidates and is under the oversight of the fund manager’s elite. To become a strategy provider, traders must pass a long and transparent audit process before being activated for their customers. The audit is a continuous and continuous process, ensuring that the audit continues to meet DupliTrade’s quality standards.

Audio Process

1:Technical feasibility and account verification

・Validate credibility by conducting a rigorous direct survey into the live trading account status of all candidates.
・Each candidate’s trading account is tracked and monitored by the audit team for months.

2:Know the people behind the trader

・A series of contacts and discussions with candidate traders will be conducted to ensure that the candidate traders’ knowledge, skills and proficiency about trading in the trading area are genuine.
・Make sure your candidate’s profiles and criteria match to understand your maturity as an individual and as an asset manager.

3:Stress test and simulation

・All systems are used for a long time before they are considered in service.
・Check the suitability of your trading strategy for your platform.
・The month DupliTrade team audit gives you a real-time view of how traders react to macroeconomic events and the constantly evolving markets.

There are many platforms on the market, not really representing customers, but we can follow dozens or even hundreds of traders.

The advantage of using DupliTrade lies in the absolute candidate list of experienced traders we can find on DupliTrade.

Become a DupliTrade Strategy Provider

If you are an experienced trader and want to use your trading skills and become a trading strategy, you can become a strategy provider for DupliTrade.

In addition, once you earn revenue from your trades, you’ll be able to earn extra income not only from your trades, but also from DupliTrade.

DupliTrade’s innovative copy trading solution allows your MT4 live account to automatically copy signal providers that client generated.

As a strategic provider of DupliTrade, we can get the following benefits:

・exposed to thousands of clients around the world and become famous
・Thanks to DupliTrade’s generous support for clients, we can focus on our trading.
・There is Live Trading Room, where real-time results are displayed toward DupliTrade clients.
・You obtain an additional income of 5 USD per standard 1 lot (= 100,000 currency) trading in the account of 1 follower. However, you can obtain additional income for ONLY profitable transactions, but you NEVER obtain additional income for lost transactions. Try to carry out profitable transactions.


The number of followers of trading strategy \( n \)
Trading volume of trading strategy \( a \)
Additional income from Dupli Trade ・\( 5\times n \times a \)USD if you gain profits
・0USD if you gain NO profits

Minimum requirements to become a trading strategy

・You must have an MT4 / MT5 live trading account of the top regulated broker with a minimum balance of above 2000USD.
・To have at least 3 months of transaction history data available for auditing
・Drawdown of 20% or less in the entire transaction period of the account
・To have a net profit of 10% or more during the entire period of opening a real account

Revenue calculation method: (Numerical example)

Total trading volume executed in the trading account(Lots) 10 lots
Total trading volume of profitable transactions(Lots) 7 lots(70%)
Number of followers 500
Profitable Transaction Generation Volume 7(lots) x 500(followers)=3500 lots
Total monthly income 3500Lotsx5(USD/Lot)= $ 17,500

Please contact support@duplitrade.com when applying to become a DupliTrade strategic provider.

If you do not have a DupliTrade account yet, you can open a DupliTrade account by clicking the button below.

Here is Registration of DupliTrade for Free


The Main Functions of The Strategy Provider

The following are the main features of the strategy provider.


Strategy provider terms:

・Balance – The account balance
・Net Profit – The net profit of all closed and current open positions with interests and commissions
・Floating P/L – The net profit of the current open positions including interests and commissions.
・Equity – The account current equity
・Margin – The account used margin
・Free Margin – The usable margin
・Margin Level – The usable margin level in percent (Equity/Margin)

Market Overview

You can see live quotes and charts of related financial instruments and trading signals.


There are four types of trading signals:

    • Open Buy (Long)-Open a long position, spot buy


    • Open Sell(Short)-Open a short position, sell credit


    • Close Buy -Long position closed, spot sale


  • Close Sell -Close short position,


Here is Registration of DupliTrade for Free


Partners of DupliTrade


The recommended brokerages are AvaTrade, FXDD, VantageFX, and Moneta Markets.

Here is Registration of DupliTrade for Free


4 Reasons to Use DupliTrade


Proven transaction performance

If we use DupliTrade, we don’t have to be a professional trader to get the same trading performance as a professional trader.

Information and historical performance of each trading strategy is available to all investors.

Followers can test the past results of professional traders and see how much they can make money by simulating all of them.

Saving time

With DupliTrade, you don’t have to waste your own time as you have only to copy a lot of trading strategies.

All that followers have to do is set up a followers’ own real accounts, deposit and select signal providers to copy professional traders.

Next, you need to wait for your account until trading automatically starts.

Reduction of emotional burden

When we make a profit or loss in some transactions, we tend to trade emotionally.

DupliTrade improves trading decisions by removing the emotional component and allowing proven strategies to work unaffectedly by such emotion.

Trading psychology can be much more complicated than the everyone generally know.

If you rely on professional signal providers with a long-term stable strategy, you don’t have to worry the happiness and sadness due to tradings.

Reduction of failures of transaction

For newbies, a copy trading service DupliTrade is a very useful trading tool when trading.

If newbies suddenly trade, they seem to fail to make money by trading, but DupliTrade allows you to avoid failure of transaction.

Here is Registration of DupliTrade for Free


How to sign up and start copying transactions


    1. Register DupliTrade fromHERE


    1. Open a brokerage account and link to Dupli Trade

The recommended brokerages are AvaTrade, FXDD, VantageFX, and Moneta Markets.

    1. Select and follow public trading strategies


  1. Real-time tracking and analysis of trading accounts

You must deposit 100USD when you use DupliTrade’s services, but you need at least $ 5,000 or currency equivalent for your initial deposit.

Here is Registration of DupliTrade for Free



A copy trading platform “Duplitrade” is very sophisticated and is trusted and become a partner with many reliable brokers.

Duplitrade has always 10 different strategy providers to copy, and they have passed rigorous assessments and are carefully selected, so you can copy with confidence.

The user interface provides excellent user friendliness.

Duplitrade also provides a large amount of statistical data that provides information about strategy providers’ transaction history, reputation, and assets.

Traders can track their investments carried out in real time, so they can change automated trading parameters to protect their investments and customize their portfolio for their own convenience.

Duplitrade’s automated trading system is generally regarded as a high quality and highly advantageous system and is favored by many traders.

Please don’t hesitate to use Duplitrade.

Here is Registration of DupliTrade for Free


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