金融商品を取引するとき、一番の壁は専門用語です。また、一般的な用語でも、株価・為替(FX, CFD), 仮想通貨などでは違う意味で使われていることもあります。そんな時に便利な用語辞典をご用意しました。取引を始めたばかりの初心者から経験者まで全ての方に片手間で調べたい時に、ささやかですが、是非参考にしてください。

When we trade financial products, the number one barrier is terminologies. In addition, even general terms we use in our lives in the financial world such as stock, forex, cryptocurrencies may have different meanings. In such a case, this site has prepared a convenient term dictionary. It’s a small thing, but please refer to it when you want to find out glossaries with one hand for all investors from beginners who have just started trading to experienced people.



Quantitative Easing

When a central bank injects money into an economy with the aim of stimulating growth.

Quarterly CFDs

When a central bank injects money into an economy with the aim of stimulating growth.


(1) A limit on imports or exports.

(2) A country’s subscription to the IMF.


An indicative price. The price quoted for information purposes but not to deal.
A Quote is the price of an instrument at a certain moment.

It is an indication of the price at which the seller is ready to part with his asset. On the stock exchange, prices change quickly.

Quotes are formed on the back of several factors, such as interest rates, inflation, political events, amongst other things.

A currency quote is expressed as the cost of one currency against that of another.

Quote flow

a sequence of numerical data describing the price value of an instrument at a certain time period.


For the completion of an effective trade on the stock market, a trader needs to know the current quotes. Quoting is information provided to clients by dealers and Market Makers. Quoting allows traders to conduct technical and fundamental analyses.

*These glossaries are based on easyMarkets educational tools.