金融商品を取引するとき、一番の壁は専門用語です。また、一般的な用語でも、株価・為替(FX, CFD), 仮想通貨などでは違う意味で使われていることもあります。そんな時に便利な用語辞典をご用意しました。取引を始めたばかりの初心者から経験者まで全ての方に片手間で調べたい時に、ささやかですが、是非参考にしてください。

When we trade financial products, the number one barrier is terminologies. In addition, even general terms we use in our lives in the financial world such as stock, forex, cryptocurrencies may have different meanings. In such a case, this site has prepared a convenient term dictionary. It’s a small thing, but please refer to it when you want to find out glossaries with one hand for all investors from beginners who have just started trading to experienced people.



Tau τ

Expresses the price change of an option for a percentage change in the implied volatility.


Treasury Bill.

Technical Analysis

The study of the price that reflects the supply and demand factors of a currency. Common methods are flags, trendlines spikes, bottoms, tops, pennants, patterns and gaps.

Technical Correction

An adjustment to price not based on market sentiment but technical factors such as volume and charting.


(1) A formal offer to supply or purchase goods or services.

(2) In the UK, the term for the weekly Treasury Bill issue.

Terms of Trade

The ratio between export and import price indices.

Theta θ

A measure of the sensitivity of the price of an option to a change in its time to expiry.

Thin Market

A market in which trading volume is low and in which consequently bid and ask quotes are wide and the liquidity of the instrument traded is low.


Tokyo Inter-bank Offered Rate.


A minimum change in price, up or down.


=Deal Slip


Tokyo International Financial Futures Exchange.

Time Value

That part of an option premium which reflects the length of time remaining in the option prior to expiration. The longer the time remaining until expiration, the higher the time value.


Simultaneous buying of a currency for delivery the following day and selling for the spot day, or vice versa. Also referred to as overnight.

Tomorrow Next (Tom next)

Simultaneous buying and selling of a currency for delivery the following day and selling for the next day or vice versa.

Tradable Amount

Smallest transaction size acceptable.

Trade Balance

The Trade Balance is a measure of the difference between imports and exports of tangible good and services. The level of the trade balance, and changes in exports and imports, are widely followed by foreign exchange markets.

Trade Date

The date on which a trade occurs.

Trade Deficit/Surplus

The difference between the value of imports and exports, often only reported in visible trade terms.

Trade Ticket

=Deal Ticket.


(French) A portion of. Specifically used for borrowings from the IMF.


The buying or selling of securities resulting from the execution of an order.

Transaction Date

The date on which a trade occurs.

Transaction Exposure

Potential profit or loss generated by current foreign exchange transactions.

Translation Loss/Profit

When consolidating into the base currency, the calculation of loss or profit resulting from the valuation of foreign assets and liabilities for balance sheet purposes.

Treasury Bills

Short-term obligations of a Government issued for periods of one year or less. Treasury bills do not carry a rate of interest, but are issued at a discount on the par value. Treasury bills are repaid at par on the due date. In the UK they are normally for 91 days, and are offered at weekly tenders. In the US they are auctioned.

Treasury Bonds

Government obligations with maturities of ten years or more.

Treasury Notes

Government obligations with maturities more than one year, but less than ten years.

Treasury Stock

Previously issued stock that has been repurchased by, donated to or otherwise acquired by the issuing firm. Treasury stocks pay no dividends and have no voting privileges.


The total money value of currency contracts traded which is calculated by multiplying size by the number of contracts traded.

Two-Way Quotation

When a dealer quotes both buying and selling rates for foreign exchange transactions.

*These glossaries are based on easyMarkets educational tools.