Who Are We?


What is “FX・CFD Laboratory”?

This site “証券取引所まるわかり大辞典 (FX・CFD Laboratory)” is managed by an individual.

This website provides information on how to use and specifications of affiliated brokers, how to use platforms and trading tools for trading Forex and CFDs, and the latest news about brokers.

It also introduces forex, CFD, product investment instruments, and useful payment services.

This site was created by WordPress and was launched in 2021, whose domain is fxcfdlabo.com.

However, before this site was launched by using WordPress, it was managed by the rental domain “moneyfukugyoinvest.livedoor.blog” of Livedoor Blog.

The administrator of this site gets in touch with staffs of affiliated brokers frequently in order to keep them informed as up-to-date and accurate as possible.

This site is mainly written in Japanese, but I support it in Japanese and English.

In addition, I can support guests in German and French as well as Japanese and English as a support individually.

I constantly measure visitors’ IP addresses and monitor my site so that visitors who unauthorized access to this site cannot view this site semi-permanently.

The “証券取引所まるわかり大辞典 (FX・CFD Laboratory)” is a portal site and includes educational materials that can be used by beginners who trade forex or CFDs such as stocks, forex and cryptocurrencies to advanced users.

I try to update this site almost frequently.

Purpose of Foundation of This Site

This site does not provide information to residents of Japan or specific countries of residence.

When we want to start investing, however, there are some people all over the world who do not know which broker to use, and because we are worried about saving funds in the future by only working for companies or government offices, we want to form funds or assets.

What we can do for the future is asset formation. We have a lot of anxieties about our future. Savings for our future do not increase funds, and savings are vulnerable for an inflationary economy.

For visitors who are wondering which brokers to choose for their own investment style and how to build assets, therefore, many visitors learn the characteristics and properties of brokers and how to use trading platforms.

I launched this site with the intention of letting you know.

Why do we need to build our own assets?

Do you know one of the famous books “Capital in the Twenty-First Century” written by Thomas Piketty?

It is a famous book published in French in 2013 and released in April 2014 as an English translation (English: Capital in the Twenty-First Century).

The content of “Capital in the Twenty-First Century” is that, in the long run, the rate of return on capital ( r ) is much higher than the rate of economic growth ( g ), and the more the rate of return from capital exceeds the rate of economic growth, the more wealth is accumulated in the capitalist.

[ r > g ]

Here, the return on capital means the income that comes in from capital, such as profits, dividends, interests, and lending fees, while the economic growth rate means calculation from salary income from labor, etc. roughly speaking.

It is an indisputable historical reality that the rate of return on capital was actually much higher than the rate of economic growth over the long term. We don’t know if the reason can be logically demonstrated, but this fact remains a historical fact.

The most obvious way to convince yourself that ( r> g ) is certainly a historical fact should be arguably obvious in the following table.

Quoted in p354 of “Capital in the Twenty-First Century”


Perhaps the inequality ( r> g ) holds as the historical reality that relies on various mechanisms rather than a logically proved mathematical formulae.

For one thing, economic growth ( g ) is small, then it usually tends not to exceed 1% per year once the demographic transition is complete and the country reaches the world’s technological front at the pace of innovation.

On the other hand, the rate of return on capital (r ) seems to depend on many technical, psychological, social and cultural factors, which together clearly exceed 1%, resulting in a return of approximately 4-5%.

From the historical results above, we can see that investing capital is clearly more profitable than salary from labor.

In other words, there is a clear tendency for assets to increase when trading and managing our own assets, rather than the rate of increase in labor income and labor income that can be hired and worked.

Savings are vulnerable to inflation

Looking at economic conditions around the world, we find that inflation has historically been persistent.

For example, see the table below.

Inflation means that prices generally rise over a period of time, that is, the value of a currency declines relatively.

In addition, interest rates continue to fall. See the table below.

Interest rates have been declining all the time, so even if we keep saving money in the bank, our assets do not increase.

It turns out that the only way to maintain our assets is to manage our assets by trading.

Therefore, when managing assets, it is useful for visitors to trade by carefully selecting reliable and safe brokers and explaining how to use and specifications of the brokers, trading platforms and trading tools provided by the brokers.

I decide to launch this site because I want to provide such information on this site.

Manually update

Among recent blogs or sites, there are many blogs or sites that are automatically posted by robots. This site is being updated manually.

We believe that actual communication is made by facing real human beings.

In the case of posting by robots, some contents written on the site are homogenized, and they are not possible to compatible with the changes in the world and the latest trends.

Furthermore, it is not possible to grasp from the opportunity posting what kind of benefits the visitors of this site can receive by visiting this site and whether they will be interested.

Therefore, this site obtains the latest information from affiliated brokers and sends them out.

This is why I continue to maintain a large number of visitors and repeaters as this portal site.

Reasons to visit the “FX・CFD Laboratory”

The “FX・CFD Laboratory” explains specifications and usage of brokers that provide forex or CFD, and helps visitors select brokers that are useful to trade.

The “FX・CFD Laboratory” is affiliated with brokers which have a large number of staffs based on abundant experience and in-depth knowledge of the world’s financial markets.

They are dedicated to providing visitors with excellent services in trading currency pairs, along with CFDs, stock, precious metals and energy.

This site “FX・CFD Laboratory” obtains the latest information directly from staffs of the broker and provides it.

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