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    [quiz quiz-522 "11+50=?|61" "36-29=?|7" "The maximum prime number under 40?|37" "Which is bigger, cos(2π/11) and cos(10π/11)?|cos(2π/11)" "Which is bigger, sin(2π/5) and sin(4π/5)?|sin(2π/5)" "The number of real roots of this equation x⁴+4x-1=0 about x?|2" "What is the minimum of f(x)=x⁴+2x²-2 ?|-2" "Is Napier's constant e=2.718... a rational number? Answer Yes or No.|No" "The number of real roots of this equation x-cos(x)=0 about x?|1" "What is the greatest common divisor of 4312 and 4235?|77" "Which is bigger, e^π and π^e?, where e=2.718... is a Napier's constant, π=3.1415.... and e^π means e to the pi power.|e^π" "Which is bigger, sin1 and cos1?|sin1" "Let z be a complex variable. We consider an equation cos(z)=z² about z. How many complex roots does cos(z)=z² have on |z|<1 on the complex plane?|2" "Let a, b, c, d be transcendental elements on a commutative field whose characteristic is 0. How many terms does (a+b+c+d)⁸ have?|165" ]

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