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Founded in 2016, Lirunex provides traders around the world with access to a variety of financial markets such as Forex, Equities, Indexes, Cryptocurrencies, Metals and Energy.

Lirunex owns domains .eu, and .com and this subdomain labuan. *******. com. These domains depend on your jurisdiction.

Lirunex holds a license from the Securities and Exchange Commission of Cyprus (CySEC) and is fully regulated by EU law. It is also overseen by the Labuan Financial Services Authority (LFSA) in Malaysia. Lirunex also holds a license from the Republic of Maldives-Ministry of Economic Development (MED).

Since Maldives and the Marshall Islands are offshore jurisdictions, the Lirunex branch offices there are not regulated by the government. Therefore, traders who sign up for Maldives-based Lirunex entities can trade financial instruments with up to 1,000x leverage.

Traders who open an account under the MED license can trade financial products with leverage up to 1:1,000.

In addition, the US law “Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act” passed in 2010 prevented unlicensed brokers in the United States from providing services or acquiring customers to residents of the United States.

However, Lirunex also accepts residents of the United States .

Lirunex uses the latest technology to maintain the latest trading environment and monitor global industry trends daily. Lirunex tries to adapt to the needs of our clients in order to improve their trading experience.

Lirunex is a broker that offers multiple account types with spreads from just 0.0 pips and offers a variety of deposit and withdrawal methods such as bank transfers, bitwallets and cryptocurrencies.

Lirunex offers a user-friendly MetaTrader 4 platform for the web, desktop and mobile.

Lirunex affiliates with third-party automated copy trading platforms such as Zulutrade and Chills Trading, then customers can trade intruments using copy trading platforms.

Lirunex also focuses on MAM and PAMM, so we can see that Lirunex puts a lot of effort into automated tradings.

In addition, Lirunex holds deposit bonuses promotions and trading contests at any time.

There are also learning courses available to traders. The minimum deposit required to open a transaction is only $25.

Especially, Lirunex is a recommended broker for those who want to buy or sell positions automatically by using ZuluTrade and Chills Trading, and those who want to participate in trading contests. If you win a trading contest, you can win thousands of dollars in prizes.

Pros Cons
・Hold a lot of licenses

・US residents are availbale

・Copy trade platfomrs such as ZuluTrade and Chills Trading are available

・Bonus promotions and trading contests are continued irregularly

・Abundant deposit/withdrawal methods

・No web browser platform nor no MT5

・Account-denominated currency is only US dollar

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Summary of Lirunex



Corporate name LIRUNEX LIMITED
Service start time 2016年
Address ・Inomenon Ethnon, 44, Orthodoxou Tower, Floor 3, 6042, Larnaca, Cyprus

・1-23A, 1st Floor, Paragon, Jalan Mustapha, 87000 Labuan F. T. Malaysia

・Trust Company Complex, Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro, Republic of the Marshall Islands, MH 96960


Autorité des marchés financiers, CNMV functions

Handling of deposit margin Completely segregated management storage in the following bank accounts:

(Wirecard Bank, AmBank Group, Bank of Maldives)

Max leverage 1:1000
First deposit
(Minimum Deposit)




Minimum withdrawal 25USD
Account currency denominated USD
About additional margin No additional margin for Negative Balance Protection
Margin Call 50%
Stop out level 25%
Trading Models ECN, STP
Country of location ・ Republic of Cyprus


・ Marshall Islands

Supported Languages English, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese
Account types 4
Deposit / withdrawal method Bank transfer, credit card, bitwallet, cryptocurrency (via bitpay), PayPal
Available instruments forex, stocks, indexes, commodities, cryptocurrencies, metals
Trading platfomrs MT4
Digits 5
Minimum trading lot 0.01Lots
Copy Trading platforms ZuluTrade, Chills Trading, MAM・PAMM

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Account types of Lirunex

Margin requirement 25
Currency denominated USD USD USD USD
Maximum leverage 1:1000 1:1000 1:1000 1:1000
Minimum transaction volume(Lots) 0.01 0.01 0.01 0.01
Maximum transaction volume(Lots) 20 20 20 20
Transaction fees 0 USD 0 USD 8 USD per lot 4 USD per lot
Average spread
(Floating spread)

(Floating spread)

(Floating spread)

(Floating spread)

Instruments Major currency pairs

Non-major currency pairs

Precious metal


Stock Index CFD

Cryptocurrency CFD

Stock CFD

Major currency pairs

Non-major currency pairs

Precious metal


Stock Index CFD

Cryptocurrency CFD

Stock CFD

Major currency pairs

Non-major currency pairs

Precious metal


Stock Index CFD

Cryptocurrency CFD

Stock CFD

Major currency pairs

Non-major currency pairs

Precious metal


Stock Index CFD

Cryptocurrency CFD

Stock CFD

Execution method STP: (Market Execution) STP: (Market Execution) STP: (Market Execution) STP: (Market Execution)
Margin Call 50% 50% 50% 50%
Stop out level 25% 25% 25% 25%
Management fee × × × ×
Overnight trading

The maximum leverage is 1000 times, but it depends on our account balance.

Maximum leverage Account Balance
1:1000 Less than 1000USD
1:500 1001 USD or more and 5000 USD or less
1:300 5001 USD or more and 10000 USD or less
200倍 10001 USD or more and 20000 USD or less
1:100 20001 USD or more

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Licenses held by Lirunex

LIRUNEX LIMITED is an international broker with many licenses and regulated in various jurisdictions as shown below.


Cyprus license



LIRUNEX LIMITED (HE353862), a company founded in the Republic of Cyprus, is licensed and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) under license number 338/17.

CySEC is the supervisory and regulatory agency for investment companies in Cyprus, but is also a member of the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA).

Benefits of holding a Cyprus license

Since Lirunex holds a Cyprus license, Lirunex keeps their customers’ funds in separate accounts of trusted financial institutions in the European Union, and Lirunex is also an official member of the Cyprus Investor Compensation Fund (ICF).

The purpose of the ICF is to provide compensation to clients in case one of the fund members fails to meet its obligations.

The Investor Compensation Fund (ICF) in Cyprus is a fund that provides insured clients of companies registered with CySEC to pay compensation if the company is unable to pay compensation on its own.

The maximum payment to each eligible client of Lirunex will be equal to € 20,000 (€ 20,000) or 90% of the eligible investor’s bill, whichever is lower, regardless of the number of trading accounts owned by the client, the base currency, and where the investment services are offered

If the claimant disagrees with the compensation amount, the claimant has the right to appeal to CySEC and justifies the total compensation amount within 10 days of receiving the relevant notice.

Lirunex provides negative balance protection for all retail clients. If the account falls into negative equity, Lirunex must set the account balance to zero to cover the loss. Therefore, you will not lose more money than you have invested.


Labuan license

LIRUNEX LIMITED (LL16130) is registered as the Labuan International Business and Financial Center and is regulated by the Labuan Financial Services Authority with license number MB / 20/0050.




Maldives Republic License

LIRUNEX LIMITED (102684) is incorporated and registered as an international corporation in the Republic of the Marshall Islands and is based on the Companies Act of the Republic of Maldives (Law No .: 10/96) to operate the platform (Certificate No. FC00022020). Re-registered with the Republic of Maldives and operates foreign exchange.



Regulatory regulation helps traders feel reassured that they are using the brokers that are most profitable for their clients.

You can also ensure that you have some protection in case something goes wrong.

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Trading Platforms provided by Lirunex


MT4, the most used trading platform in the brokerages, can be installed on Windows, MacOS, tablets and mobiles. However, there is no web browser platform.

①Forex / Metal / Stock Index / Cryptocurrency / Index

②Use state-of-the-art, user-friendly features

③Access to all major trading products

④We can access multiple currencies and trade in multiple languages. We can also automatically copy trade leader transactions and invest funds with Lirunex’s top portfolio managers.

Combining MetaTrader’s state-of-the-art technology with Lirunex’s unique trading services, we further enhance our clients’ trading experience.

The following video is a video explaining how to download and use the MT4 platform.



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Lirunex trading tools


Lirunex is also focused on automated trading and copy trading.

Lirunex has partnered with third party companies such as Chills Trading and Zulutrade, which specialize in providing copy trading platforms.

Traders who want to use a copy trading platform ZuluTrade should also have a Lirunex account.

In addition, Lirunex offers not only ZuluTrade, but also Chills Trading, a third-party copy trading platform.

As such, Lirunex offers a variety of useful trading tools to help us improve our overall trading experience.

What is ZuluTrade?

ZuluTrade is the most famous social trading platform in the world.

ZuluTrade users who want to copy trading are free to choose from thousands of registered traders from over 192 countries.

Automatic trading allows followers to eliminate potential emotions.

ZuluTrade uses the server used by ZuluTrade, so there is no daily routine to set up a VPS. Even if our computer or smartphone is turned off, when the signal provider whom we follow trades something, the transaction is automatically copied to our trading account.

Followers don’t have to constantly monitor their PCs or smartphones, and they don’t need to have specialized trading training.

Linking our Lirunex account to ZuluTrade is very easy, but I show you how to do that on a separate page.

Benefits of using ZuluTrade

・You can manage multiple trading accounts from one place.

・You can combine the most profitable currency pairs from many signal providers using ZuluTrade to create your own portfolio.

・With ZuluGuard on ZuluTrade, you can customize pips intervals, number of positions you have, trading volume per position, etc. to suit your funds.

・You can see the transaction history of the signal provider in real time.

・You can monitor your open positions in real time.


What is Chills Trading?

Chills Trading is a company developing platforms dedicated to finding and hiring professional traders from around the world.

Chills Trading also supports multiple languages, so it is easy for all traders to use.

Chills Trading integrates successful traders’ trading strategies with Chills Trading’s copy trading platform and offers the opportunity to copy these trading strategies to the trading accounts of clients of brokers affiliated with Chills Trading.

Founded a few years ago by a group of expert traders, Chills Trading has grown into one of the most innovative and powerful platforms for replicating successful moves from major traders.

Chills Trading’s clients and partners are made up of the best companies in the platform development industry, from investors to market traders and wealth management professionals.

How to use Chills Trading


1:Please open a LIRUNEX trading account from here .

2:Register for the Chills Trading platform.

3:Connect your LIRUNEX trading account with the Chills Trading Platform.

4:Choose your preferred signal providers.

For details, please see the following video.



Bonus promotions and trading contests

Lirunex continues to offer bonus promotions on a regular basis. Basically, there are two types of bonuses: deposit bonus and trading bonus.

Lirunex also regularly takes place original trading contests.

Detailed rules and prize money in bonus promotions or trading contests are explained on a separate page as soon as latest news are updated.

Features of bonuses offered by Lirunex



The feature of the bonus promotion provided by Lirunex is that the bonus itself can be withdrawn when a certain amount of transactions is achieved.

Basically, the bonus provided by the broker is a credit bonus, which is credited to a credit account that is separate from the client’s balance account. The margin for trading is the sum of the amounts in the client’s balance account and credit account, so you can increase your trading margin by getting a bonus.

However, it is often the case that the profits obtained by using the credit bonus cannot be withdrawn unless the transaction volume exceeds a certain level.

The feature of Lirunex is that when a certain amount of transactions is achieved, the credit bonus is transferred to the balance account and the bonus itself can be withdrawn.

If you withdraw your assets without achievement of the required transaction volume, the credit bonus disappears, which is the same as the specifications of other brokers.

Lirunex also holds a trading contest


Lirunex regularly holds trading contests.

In the range of our limited margin, we compete for profit margins and make the trader with the highest profit margin the winner.

The winners within the third place obtain prize money and original attractive goods.

The contents of prizes will change according to the trends of the world.

Trading with a purpose tends to give traders better results than just trading.

In addition, there are no restrictions on trading methods such as automatic trading or EA.

The Lirunex trading contest accepts all traders who are confident in trading and beginners.

Those who have won before can also participate in the trading contest and win again to receive prizes and prizes.

Please participate in the trading contest and let’s aim for the championship.

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Deposit / withdrawal method


Lirunex adopts popular methods used by many clients around the world, such as bank transfers, credit cards, electronic payments such as bitwallet, and cryptocurrencies, when depositing or withdrawing from trading accounts.

The deposit method will be explained on another page.

To prevent money laundering, the withdrawal method must be the same payment method as the deposit method.

Deposit method


Payment method Minimum deposit Currencies Required time Deposit fees
Bank transfer 2000USD USD 3~5 business days free
Credit Cards

(VISA, MasterCard)

25 USD USD Within 24hours free
bitwallet 200 USD JPY, USD, EUR, AUD Within 24hour Free

(via BitPay, Tether)

200 USD USD Within 24 hours free
PayPal 25USD USD Within 24 hours Measurement system

Withdrawal methods


Payment methods Minimum withdrawal Currencies Required time Withdrawal fee
Bank transfer 200USD USD 3~5 business days 35USD
Credit Card

(VISA, MasterCard)

25 USD USD 7~10 business days 2% of withdrawal amount
bitwallet 25 USD USD Within 24 hours free

(via BitPay, Tether)

25 USD USD Within 24 hours Free
PayPal 25USD USD Within 24 hours Measurement system


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Lirunex is a broker founded in 2016, which adopts MetaTrader 4 (MT4) to give traders around the world various financial instruments such as forex, stocks, indexes, cryptocurrencies, metals and energy.

Lirunex owns the .eu, .com domain and the .com subdomain labuan.*******.com.

These domains depend on the licenses under which traders open their accounts, or their jurisdiction.

Lirunex holds three licenses; the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission License (CySEC) , the Labuan Financial Services Authority (LFSA) of Malaysia, and the Republic of Maldives-Ministry of Economic Development (MED).

Lirunex also accepts residents of the United States under the license of MED.

Lirunex is a broker that offers multiple account types with tight spreads from 0.0 pips and offers a variety of deposit or withdrawal methods such as bank transfers, bitwallet and cryptocurrencies.

Since Lirunex become a partner with third-party automated trading platforms such as ZuluTrade and Chills Trading, customers can trade using their copy trading platforms freely.

Lirunex is also focusing on MAM and PAMM, so Lirunex puts a lot of effort into automated trading

In addition, Lirunex holds XX% deposit bonuses and trading contests at any time.

Lirunex is one of the best brokers for traders who want to use copy trading platforms with bonuses.

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